If you have a problem with your teeth kindly contact your Dentist

Dear Patients

We would like to remind our patients that clinical staff at Flitwick Surgery DO NOT undertake dentistry or provide antibiotics on request for dental problems.

For further information on toothaches, dental abscesses and when to see a dentist urgently or go to A&E please look on the NHS choices website at:

For Toothache – Toothache – NHS (www.nhs.uk)
For Dental Abscesses – Dental abscess – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Can we kindly ask that you take dental advice for the following problems:

  • You have damaged your teeth and have a broken or chipped tooth
  • If you have complications such as bleeding or pain with your teeth or in your mouth/gum directly after some dental work or oral surgery
  • If you need sedation for a dental procedure or surgery (your dentist should be able to provide this)
  • if you believe you have an infection in your teeth or gums such as an abscess and believe you may need antibiotics

If you need to see a dentist urgently then please contact them and make sure that you let them know you need an urgent appointment and are in pain.

A list of all local dentists can be found here: Find a dentist – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Advice about NHS Dental Services can be found here: Dental services – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Thank you