Travel Appointment Information

Our nurses are able to provide a travel advice and immunisation service. This excludes vaccinations and certificates for Yellow Fever.

Travel Clinic Appointments

In order to assist us  assess the potential risks to your health from your planned travel, we  ask that you make a travel clinic appointment with our Practice nurse. Ideally, this appointment should be made around the time of booking your holiday, at least 12 weeks before you travel. However, if you are travelling in less than 2 weeks’ time, we may not be able to offer a travel clinic appointment at such short notice and would recommend that you attend a private travel clinic at your own cost.

Please also bring any previous travel vaccination records to your appointment so that we can check your record is up to date.

Travel Risk Assessment Forms

Travel risks vary considerably and we therefore request each patient, prior to attending a travel clinic appointment, complete a travel risk assessment form which is available from reception or can be completed online. This needs to be submitted, at least, 12 weeks prior to your travel.

The practice offers travel clinics each week. In the lead up to busy times of the year, for example summer holiday periods, these appointments can book up very quickly. If on returning your travel assessment form there is no appointment available you will be advised to make your own arrangements to attend a private travel clinic for your travel vaccinations at your own cost.

We may not be able to offer all the vaccinations recommended for your planned travel and if necessary we would advise you to attend a private travel clinic for the vaccinations required at your own cost.

Please note

  • Not all vaccines are available on the NHS.
  • We are unable to accommodate requests for travel clinic appointments outside of the clinic hours and please also be advised the nurses are not able to give travel advice over the telephone.

The following vaccinations are available at our practice without a charge

  • Tetanus/Revaxis
  • Hepatitis A – There is currently a national shortage, find out more.
  • Typhoid

Vaccinations that incur a cost at our practice are as follows

  • Hepatitis B £50.00 per dose, 3 doses are required

We require payment at the time of vaccination, so please come prepared with cash or card. We are no longer able to accept cheques.