Patient Participation Group

The greatest asset we can ever hope for is good health.

Unfortunately, things do go wrong. When they do, our first call for help is to our local clinic. There a doctor will hopefully diagnose the root of our problem and prescribe a suitable course of treatment or failing that refer us to a consultant with the appropriate expertise. The course of treatment is then in other hands but not entirely because the consultant will keep your doctor informed. We all know this, but can we as patients participate in the processes that these few words above glide smoothly over? Most definitely yes!

If you are registered with the Flitwick Surgery you now have a new opportunity to help improve its services to patients and influence its future direction.

The Patient Participation Group has been set up for this purpose and is looking to recruit patients from all age groups and backgrounds, whether you are a regular or occasional user of the surgery facilities.

Contact Penny Luker-Brown, Practice Manager, for details or complete the online request form to register your interest.

Meeting Dates

The dates for Flitwick Surgery’s PPG Meetings this year are:

  • October 26th – 6 pm – Stewartby Bowls Pavilion
  • February 22nd – 6 pm – Steppingley Village Hall
  • May 31st – 6 pm – Flitwick Surgery
  • July 26th – 6 pm – Stewartby Bowls Pavilion

Meeting Minutes