Car Parking for Flitwick Surgery, Flitwick Clinic and Highlands Pharmacy

The car parking areas adjacent to Flitwick Surgery, Flitwick Clinic and Highlands Pharmacy are provided for patients using these services.  The space also provides parking for staff working at all these locations.

Parking is provided free to help patients attend their appointments or to collect their medication, without the worry of having to purchase a parking ticket or incur a parking fine.   This is one of the reasons why the GP surgery has not considered offers by companies to install and run a paid parking system.

In order to maintain this free facility we kindly ask that residents respect the reason why car parking has been provided.   It is to help patients manage their medical care. It is NOT intended to be free parking for commuters or those using nearby shops or restaurants.

We would also kindly ask that people do not park on the path leading into the car park, even if you are just popping in to collect a script.  This obstructs the pathways for pedestrians and emergency services such as ambulances.

We also find that some patients use the staff car parks.   We would like to remind anyone who does this that you may end up blocked in and you may need to wait for staff to finish their appointments or meetings before they are able to move their cars.

Please note that anyone parking or using these car parks does so at their own risk.