Covid-19 Update for Patients

During the pandemic we have worked hard to make the Surgery as safe as possible for both patients and staff.  We will continue to do this going forward.

At the moment we intend to maintain the same standards and nothing will change.  Patients will need to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and maintain a social distance wherever possible.  Our staff will continue to wear PPE. 

We do understand that patients may find this frustrating but we ask that you bear in mind that people visit the Surgery when they are unwell and vulnerable.   Some of our staff may also be vulnerable to Covid-19.    Not everyone is able to vaccinate for medical reasons.   

We think it is right to take these small precautions to protect people.

In terms of opening up, we have never been shut.   In fact our clinical staff (GPs, Minor Illness Nurses and Clinical Pharmacists) have consulted with a high number of patients by phone or video, many of whom received same day appointments and follow up reviews either in person or via telephone.  All our nursing services that required face to face appointments such as phlebotomy, wound care or immunisations have continued.

We hope that we can all work together and continue to do our bit to try and minimise the impact and spread of Covid-19 in Flitwick and keep the Surgery safe for everyone who works here and uses the services.