Lloyds Sainsburys – Closures

Following on from recent communications, Lloyds Pharmacy Limited have confirmed closures of all Lloyds branches within Sainsburys as of Tuesday 13th June 2023.

The Pharmacy Contracting Team have communicated the full list of closures to the DoS Leads for the East Region , who will then liaise with DoS colleagues for the East Region to ensure that patients won’t be directed to any closed pharmacies from 111.

Communication have been shared with all Community Pharmacies across the East Region today updating on these closures to ensure that patients are not directed to closed pharmacies and themselves are aware of the closures.

All Lloyd’s branches within Sainsburys supermarkets have closed this week (13/6/23), including the 5 below which was earlier than originally advised.

GP colleagues, please ensure all patients with previous nominations to Lloyds Pharmacy within Sainsburys are aware and that they will need to decide which pharmacy to switch their nomination to for EPS.

Affected branches of Lloyd’s Pharmacy have been advising patients of this for some time so hopefully this will not cause any significant disruption to either practice staff in updating nominated pharmacies or to patients.

Please ensure prescriptions are no longer sent to the spine with any of the following ODS codes:

Branch name     Address     Town/City     Postcode ICB ODS Code Closure Date
Biggleswade In Sainsburys    Bells Brook Bedfordshire SG18 0NA BLMK FMC93 13th June 2023
Bramingham Park In Sainsburys    Quantock Rise Bedfordshire LU3 4AB BLMK FCJ64 13th June 2023
Fairfield In Park Sainsburys    90 Clapham Road Bedfordshire MK41 7PJ BLMK FRP52 13th June 2023
Kempston In Sainsburys    252-274 Bedford Road Bedfordshire MK42 8AY BLMK FTN38 13th June 2023
Milton Keynes In Sainsburys    799 Witan Gate Buckinghamshire MK9 2FW BLMK FME40 13th June 2023

More information on the closures can be found here – LloydsPharmacy Services in Sainsbury’s – Information for our patients.